AJ Hunt

March Meet AJ Hunt! A handsome Lab/Chow mix who has been a spa dog since 2013. This Capricorn is a plush toy and treat aficionado,

Bill Clinton

FEBRUARY From the White House to Midtown, Bill’s been visiting us since 2005. Don’t let his age fool you, this 13 year old long-haired dachshund

Rude Boy

Rude Boy

JANUARY If you’re friends, you can call this Boston Terrier RB. This stylish social media star is a dog model for Love Thy Beast and

Hodie-Wan Kenobi

Hobie-Wan Kenobi

DECEMBER The force is strong with this golden retriever. This Nitro Golden was born in June 2013 and loves traveling to the beach (loves feeling

November 10

Hosted a photo shoot for Social Tees NYC newest rescue residents – these fluffy pups had their adoption head shots taken by photographer Daniel D’Ottavio